Here at CHILL TEA we are truly in love with Japanese green teas. From harvesting to packaging, we express our admiration and respect for the authenticity of each and every leaf. Cultivated in the famous Yame and Shizuoka areas, our teas grow on healthy, nutrient-rich soils. Since we love to be in harmony with nature, our farmers developed their special method of cultivation for which our teas express their gratitude by offering us their fresh flavour, overwhelming aroma, rich umami, and melting taste.

Our great taste comes from our specially developed cultivation techniques, not just Organic. Premium quality is a matter of responsible attitudes and personal involvement. 

We are proud to be listed among the ‘100 Greatest Green Teas in Fuji’ and to be judged ‘the best fine product’ in the 2017 as well as 2018 tea competition. We are inspired to carry on and justify that trust.