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Tea, probably one of the most used words in the english language. Drenched in history and glorious heritage one must ask them selves the question, how much do i really know about tea and do i really appreciate the process in getting me my daily cuppa?

In a world of mystery and discovery, ParTea People are here to help you explore and savour the wonderful world of tea. Join us on a journey to make tea a more delicious, fun, social, fair and sustainable part of our lives. With fun being at the centre of what we do, you will be transported to a world of tea parings, mixology, beauty and wellness. Does that mean that everyones welcome, indeed, there is a tea for everyone. Most of us might associate a cup of tea with our very classic british take, i.e then builders brew. But who can honesty say that they have tried a yellow tea, a white tea or even a grain tea?